Notes for Members

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Welcome to the Spring 2019 season of the Rocky Mountain Chorale. This will be another rewarding and fun season for our audiences and for us.

This organization is a 501 (c)3 non-profit and relies on grants, dues, ticket sales and donations (tax deductible) to cover our budget. Our only paid staff is the Director, Associate Director and the Accompanist. Wonderful volunteers from the chorus do the rest of the work.

You can support the work of the RMC by stepping up when volunteers are solicited, spreading the word about the chorus to your friends, selling tickets to our performances and giving additional donations when you are able or inclined.

The board (and key volunteers) for the 2018-19 year are:

  • Terry Mattison is our president. He coordinates all board activities, serves as the spokesperson for the chorus, and supervises all fundraising activities.
  • Chris Walther is our VP and schedules all the venues for our performances. He also recruits and coordinates the many volunteers who are needed to make the performances happen.
  • David Norris is our Secretary and brings tremendous experience from a myriad of organizations.
  • Leah Tharpe is our Treasurer. Besides streamlining our payment, budgeting and bookkeeping procedures, she helps with publicity, creating fliers and supporting the new Board members as they come up to speed in their roles.
  • Lisa Albright is an At-Large Member.
  • Susie Anderson is an At-Large Member.
  • David Butler is an At-Large Member.
  • Willem O’Reilly is an At-Large Member.
  • Ann Paradise is an At-Large Member.
  • Reed Bailey is Past President.
  • Kay Norris, our “choir mother,” expertly manages the library of music, but also carries institutional memory and reminds us of important things we may have neglected. (Is a Key Volunteer, not a board member.)
  • Kathleen Newton is our Webmaster and Program Designer. Let her know if you have information that should be posted. (Is a Key Volunteer, not a board member.)
  • Christie Swoboda is the Facebook Page Manager as well as the poster and postcard designer. Let her know if you have information for the Facebook Page. (Is a Key Volunteer, not a board member.)

Rehearsal Music
Rehearsal music is located at Rehearsal Music. (The new music for the Fall 2019 term is not posted yet.) Ask one of the board members for the password to access the rehearsal music if you do not know it.

Member Handbook

The member handbook will be updated and posted soon. It answers most questions that members have about the choir with information regarding concert attire, ticket sales, member’s dues, etc. Here is this year’s handbook. 2018-2019 Singers Handbook


Here is this semester’s schedule. RMCSchedule_Fall2018

Rehearsals start August 13th at the Cairn Christian Church at 1700 Stonehenge Drive in Lafayette at 7:00. The rehearsal for the next Monday, August 20th, will also be there. After that rehearsals will be at the Pine Street Church in Boulder as usual. See you there!

The Retreat will be  date and location will be announced.

Performances for this semester are:
Friday, April 26th in Longmont and
Saturday, April 27th in Boulder.

Outreach Concerts places and dates will be announced soon.


Webmaster How To
Instructions for updating the website are provided in Webmaster How To. A user account and password are required to modify the website.